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Date: 06/26/2007 06:51 PM
Military 3 Tone
Sir yes sir, you got a phone call, sir yes sir
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Ringtones - Sound FX (Military)
it is what it sounds like MP3
25 KB
Great sonar toen 4 ya phone MP3
26 KB
like the sound of gun fire and machine guns, this is kinda a odd tone but should get your attention MP3
106 KB
there is someone ringin up, great military sound fx voice tone MP3
113 KB
hello this osama bin laden, i am calln you now, i need to talk to you now. Great tone 4 you miltiary and polical types, hey have a sense of humour MP3
119 KB
This version is rerecorded louder for some cels, a great tone MP3
344 KB
action stations action stations, this is not a drill.... great fx tone 4 ya phone MP3
94 KB
Seal all hatches, seal all hatches, dive.... dive..... dive...
great fx tone for ya phone MP3
94 KB
Sir yes sir, you got a phone call, sir yes sir MP3
94 KB
Attention, you got a phone call maggot, pick it up double... MP3
94 KB
This is the sound of freedom, jet flying, great tone MP3
94 KB
Great military tone, go go go... MP3
94 KB

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