Life switch#1
So one night when the husband came home he saw his wife on the couch and he said"honey im tried of u sitting around all day u r getting very lazy all of a sudden" the wife look at him and said"scrw u because u have no idea wht i go hve to do" so before he went to bed he pray to god and said"god can u change me into my wife and my wife into me so she can see how hard my life is" so the next day the husband wakes up and looks into the mirror and finds tht he is his wife. Now the husband(wife body) had to wake up early to make his his wife(husband body) some breakfast then he sent his wife to work at home he had to clean cook take the kid to school clean some more then pik up the kids cook again then had to cook dinner thn clean the house after his wife gt bak home she said well how was ur day the husband said it was horrible after the kids went to bed they had sex then the husband said"god can u change back now i see how hrd my wife life is " the next day he lok into the mirror and he was stil his wife

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