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mi padre
Es muy duro perder un querido como un padre. A pasado tiempo que mi padre fallecio, y me a dejado muy desganado de la vida.

Aqui me voy a estar

Hasta que retone este arbol

Porque no a podido dar

Una flor que a mi me agrade

La primera flor que de

Sera para mi padre

Para llevarla

A la tumba en donde esta

Murio mi padre

Ya se me acabo el tesoro

Murio mi padre

Ya se me acabo el orgullo

Muerte tirana

Te llevaste lo que era mio

Y desde entonces

El arbol se seco

El Arbol Adan Sanchez
what the fuck is respect?
it's when you don't talk shit,
it's when you listen when someone talks to you,
it's when you stay strong and never quit,
sometimes you got to hold people high and help them when you can,
you bow down if you were wrong, you got to be the bigger man,
you gotta be sensitive to other people's needs,
you gotta come up with the bandaids when someone bleeds,
i see no enemies thru my eyes, just people hurt and in need,
i don't start beef or carry any grudge but when you spit an talk shit,
I wont even budge, I will stand strong and take all the hits
my homies are hustlers, gang bangers and thugs,
but i show them respect, when nobody else does,
so who the fuck you think, they respect in return,
believe what you will, but respect is earned, not bought and sold out,
it's not made from gettin shot at or for being cold hearted,
respect is made by doing shit for other people,
an you can only get respect, when you realize,

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