Welcome to my profile, do take a look at my pix i've available, some i ask u not to reupload I edit pix on my phone.

Real Name: Stephanie
Marital Status: Single, Not Looking
City: Happy as i am.
State: England
Country: United Kingdom
Member Since: November 28, 2010
General: I do nail art, cross stitching,I love gardening too. I love looking after the birds that visit my garden in winter,give them plenty to eat..
Hobbies: Nail art. Gardening. Decorating. Cross stitching.
Music: All bar, heavy metal, ballads, & the 60s.
Movies: American gangster. Kill bill. Resiviour dogs. Blade 1&2. The inbetweeners. One flew over the cuckoos nest. Ghost. Babies day out. Not onpver keen on horrors.
Television: British dramas & soaps.
Books: Collins dictionary lol.
Games: Bid friend all the way, remember it's a game!!!!
Heroes: My Mum & Dad they're the best people you & I will ever have, r.i.p mum & dad your back together now,like you should be :hug: :love: :hug: I miss u both so much XXX .
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Jun 19, 2016 06:20 AM
I think the block is on the other account.

Jun 12, 2016 03:46 AM
Steph some how u have me blocked i can't reply to your pm.

Jun 12, 2016 03:44 AM

pbr me
May 31, 2016 09:12 PM
same here

May 31, 2016 07:21 AM
Don't you have cats? Is this your cat?

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