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Dawg    Male 48
Last Visit: 01/03/2017

Dawg cheerful 05-13-16 14:06
Chemo/rad finally over
Dawg wishful 03-25-16 09:52
Now I'm fighting cancer. Starting chemo/radiation. Let's hope it works
Dawg mad 01-22-15 10:47
Cricket is forcing all its customers to switch over to a phone with a sim card next month. WTF! They trying to be like T-Mobile now?
Dawg calm 08-04-14 22:24
In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove; the experience of survival is the key to the gravity of love.... Enigma
Dawg sad 07-26-14 16:06
So if u want to love me; then Darling don't refrain. Cruz I'll just end up walking in the cold November rain
Dawg amused 07-02-14 17:42
Dawg confused 05-25-14 23:55
Dawg amused 08-27-12 12:21
Wat hav we become wen our compassions out of fashion , our sensitivity overcome i feel so numb cuz we dont cry for no one- "empath" echoing green
Dawg naughty 08-22-12 11:05
Been uploadin a shitload of porn n my other blog lol
Dawg crazy 08-06-12 13:53
No method 2 our madness..juz proud bout our manner..ant people r the warriors..antmusic is our banner - adam ant

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